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ETWA Commentary: MPs warning Afghan Gov. with White Coup

Recently, Group of (60) lawmakers visited and gathered in Kandahar province and accused National Unity Government (NUG) of political mismanagement. The lawmakers claimed that manipulating of political power by the president Ghani caused ethnic sensitivities rising and insecurity increment in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, positions’ utilizing by government top officials for their personal interest have also led increasing ethnic origin. Furthermore, establishment of “Etelaf-e-Meli-e- Nijat Afghanistan” political coalition and the (60) parliamentarians warning Afghan government while visiting southern Kandahar province signify two categories of power-hunger groups in the government. On one hand, MPs warning to Afghan government of performing white coup and on other hand formation of new political alliance  “Etelaf-e-Meli-e- Nijat Afghanistan”, the majority of whose members are high authorities of current government are pointed out to be new insecurity factors in the country. It seems that NUG is digging its own roots which will result bad consequences for the state and the public in present situations. In the meantime, criticism of some parliamentarians from incompetence of lower house administrations board and accusations of MPs misusing their positions in the favor of their own interests indicate partition of lower house into two parties. It seems that ongoing situation in Afghan parliament is just struggling in order to gain political power again. Unfortunately this situation will ruin the state which is a bad idea. According to the Election & Transparency Watch Organization of Afghanistan (ETWA), recent efforts by NUG to launch large projects, such as the relief from economic reliance on Pakistan, and the containment of Afghan waters have made some of the regional countries more antagonistic for paving the ground of crisis, miseries and destruction of the current government of Afghanistan. At this critical period of time, all institutions, such as parliament, government, and political alliances are required to maintain their differences of opinion in understanding the current state of the country and to preserve the cohesion and solid integrity among themselves for common interest of Afghanistan.

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