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ETWA Analytical Perspective on Using Technology in Election

December 13, 2017

The idea of using technology in election is dependent on two major purposes. The first purpose is to accelerate the operational process of an election. The second purpose is to strengthen transparency in election. But it is not certain that the idea of using technology can hold desired results in anytime and place. Relocation and using technology during elections in a country is in need of necessary capacity and potential for (using, transferring, keeping and fixing) aims. Here the purpose of capacity includes professional capabilities of electoral bodies’ staff in transmission, keeping and fixing these tools. While, the purpose from potential is existing of the favorable objective condition (Availability of Energy Resources, Professional Human Resources, Security Situation, Transportation and etc.) in a country for effective use of technology. Recently the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced that it would use technological equipment for voter’s registration and on Election Day in next polls. This decision of IEC has been warmly received by government. But the civil society, political elites outside government and international community have been extremely prudent about the announcement. This raises many questions and the electoral body should respond it before moving forward. Few of them are as follow:
1. How does IEC view embedding technology in a country’s electoral system (As a process or an even?)
2. Does the stated equipment to be used for voter’s registration not a similar program (duplication) with distribution of electronic identity cards?
3. Can IEC manage concerns relating to the technology to be used for registration of voters and on Election Day?
4. Is there adequate potential for sustainable and fruitful use of this equipment in the country?
5. Can the technology IEC speak off prevent fraud in any case?

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