Analytical Vision on Regionally Phased Conduct of Polling

May 31, 2017

Analytical Vision on Regionally Phased Conduct of Polling.
Conducting general elections in a day period requires strong security capacity, transportation facilities and robust capacity of electoral commissions. Lack of security and transportation capabilities and facilities in a country can challenge the
polling process. In Afghanistan due to the ongoing escalating security and lack of other facilities nowadays the politicians have reached a conclusion that regional phased elections is a solution in tackling possible arise of challenges.Election and Transparency Watch Organization of Afghanistan (ETWA) presents an analytical perspective for identifying the consequences being arisen from (Regionally Phased Conduct of Polling) in the light of objective condition and undertaking proper measures for its management.This analysis paper includes a legal framework on regionally/zonally phased polling, its advantages and shortcoming and existing potential for this type of elections, as well as explains likely consequences of it. It also entails some proposals that support positive impacts of regionally phased election and decline its negative consequences.

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