Weekly Monitoring Report of Wolesi Jirga 16th – 21st Dec, 2017

December 24, 2017

Joint Body Endorses Ghani Decree on E-ID Cards
A joint commission, representing both branches of the parliament on Monday approved the recent decree issued by President Ashraf Ghani about the inclusion of nationality and ethnicity in the new computerized identity cards or.The move put an end to months of controversy over the much-awaited process.Abdul Hai Akhundzada, a senator and member of the joint commission has called on the relevant department swiftly launch distribution of E-ID Cards to the citizens.This comes after members of the Wolesi Jirga, or the Lower House dismissed the President’s legislative decree to amend the population registration law, requiring inclusion of nationality and ethnicity in the identity cards.Following the disagreements on the issue, a sixteen-member parliamentarian joint commission was formed to debate on the presidential decree. Akhundzadai went on to say that: “The decree was approved by the twelve members present. Nationality and ethnicity will now be included on the ID cards.”
Another member of the commission, Hashim Alokozai, said: “We were able to approve the decree with nine members attending, but today twelve of the members were present. We now call on the population registration department to kick start the distribution process of these cards.”A number of lawmakers, however, rejected motives behind the rejection of Ghani’s order.A Wolesi Jirga member, Asadullah Saadati, said: “From the political perspective, the inclusion of nationality increases the differences.”

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