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January 8, 2018

Sunday – 7th.January. 2018
ETWA Expresses Concerns on the Process of Appointing a New IEC Commissioner

The Election and Transparency Watch Organization of Afghanistan (ETWA) is closely observing the process of appointing a new Commissioner for the Independent Election Commission or IEC.
ETWA is concerned with the process, which moves forward in contradiction with the president’s decree on electoral laws, would further undermine IEC’s independence and limit opportunities to establish a political consensus on elections among politicians.
Since re-establishment of the Selection Committee and its working results clearly opposes the electoral law, thus, the individual being selected as the member of IEC through this process, would lack legal legitimacy.
Involvement of representatives of independent institutions such as the Supreme Court, ICOIC, AIHRC and women support institutions as members of the Selection Committee in an illegal process could affect people’s trust on these institutions, especially in ensuring the principle of separation of powers, respecting the Constitution, human rights and the democratization process in the Afghanistan.
ETWA calls on NUG leaders to stop the work of Selection Committee as soon as possible and seek legitimate ways to the selection of new Election Commissioner through consultations with civil societies, political parties and other political elites.
If the Presidential Office believes that eligible individuals are unavailable in the previous list it had received from the Selection Committee, the way to establish a new committee and introduces a fresh person as a commissioner of IEC is possible through the amendment of provisions relating to Selection Committee and member’s terms in the electoral law. In this case, an illegal process can be turn into a legal process.



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