Weekly Monitoring Report of Wolesi Jirga 13th – 18th Jan – 2018

January 28, 2018

Lawmakers Approve Next Year’s Draft Budget

The Wolesi Jirga, or the Lower House of Parliament on Wednesday approved the next Afghan calendar year’s budget draft This comes just days before the parliamentarians are set to break for their winter recess of 45 days. A month back, the legislators rejected the draft budget, citing issues including lack of balance and significant lower allocation for development spending. The argued that the budget was not balanced and there were many complexities in the document. The total value of 1397 national budget is 377.011 billion afghanis, comprising of 266.133 billion afs ordinary budget and 110.878 billion afs development budget. At least 188 billion afs of next year’s budget will be provided from international aid and 183 billion afs from the national revenues, according to government officials. MPs Link Currency Devaluation to Internal, Foreign lements A parliament member said that devaluation of the Afghani against US dollar was affected by both domestic and foreign elements. The value of Afghani witnessed an unprecedented fall against the US dollar in recent weeks, causing people’s concerns and a big jump in the price of essentials particularly foodstuff. Monawar Shah Bahadori, a member of economic committee of Parliament, said: “If the government does not pay attention to the elements of the decrease of fghani value against dollar, one dollar will be dealt up to 75 AFN by the new Afghan calendar year.” He said one element was the existence of a mafia circle in the Central Bank who is hoarding dollar. He said: “The Central Bank puts 50 million dollars in auction every week, but the mafia circle inside the bank smuggle the money to abroad ”

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