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July 1, 2018

Sunday, 22nd. April. 2018
ETWA Viewpoint on Poor Participation of People in Voter Registration Process

Luckily, the Voter Registration Process has been launched by the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in Provincial Capitals of (34) Provinces, which is an important step toward holding the upcoming Parliamentary and District Council’s Elections. Even though a week passed since the beginning of the Registration Process, the participation level of people is just as low.
Meanwhile, assaults of armed oppositions on Polling Centers in western Ghor and Badghis Provinces, and recently the death of two Afghan National Police Officers, who were responsible for securing a polling center in Jalalabad City, Nangarhar Province, in an attack by armed insurgents, increased concerns in relation to the problems of this trend more than ever.
(ETWA) considers the problems in the Voter Registration Process due to the lack of precise and comprehensive measures taken by National Unity Government and (IEC) to succeed in this process. In order to increase public’s participation level in this process and reduce the likely security incidents/challenges, ETWA suggests:
 The public awareness campaign launched by (IEC) should be revised and Political Parties/Movements and Civil Society shall be consult on how to implement the campaign effectively.
 (ETWA) believes that gaining public confidence, especially confidence of Political Movements/Parties and CSOs, could have a positive impact on the transparency and success of the Voter Registration Process.
 (ETWA) also urges the Afghanistan Civil Census Registration Authority (ACCRA) to escalate number of Tazkira (National ID Card) distribution centers throughout the country, also by expanding some facilities to general public, the process of distributing paper-based ID cards can be accelerated.
 We also suggest Political Parties/Movements, Religious Scholars and Regional Elders/Influencers to encourage people, participating in the process widely.
 Likewise, (ETWA) supports the recent decision of the National Unity Government Leaders to (34) Provincial Governors in order to encourage and convince people, for their extensive presence in the process. We hope, majority of people participate in this national process.

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