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July 1, 2018

Date: 03/06/2018
ETWA Vision about the Role of Political Parties in Election Process

Political Parties and other similar institutions constitute fundamental part of democracy, which serve as significant
partners to elections in a society. Political parties play effective role in countries that possess good governance and
enormous parliaments. Election and Transparency Watch Organization of Afghanistan (ETWA) strongly supports
allocation of quota for political parties in next parliament as well as active role of them in the election process.
Since most political parties of Afghanistan run out of clear plans, change of the current “Non-Transferable Voting
System” into an effective system and allocation of some seats in parliament to parties is a necessity to its strength, growth
and encompass an crucial part of electoral reforms which was also proposed by Special Electoral Reforms Commission
(SERC) to NUG two years back. Now, if the active role and allocation of quota for political parties is ignored in elections,
a five-year wait will be needed for the realization of this dream. If the NUG reach an agreement about quota issue with
political parties, an important step in relevant to reforming the country’s electoral system will be taken.
For this purpose, ETWA gives below suggestions:
To National Unity Government:
If the government has intention in this regard, the president by consulting political parties, IEC and civil society
institutions can amend items relevant to voting system and political parties’ role within the current legislative decree on
elections and enforce the amended law under a fresh decree. The move cannot delay IEC’s activities and adequate time is
available for its implementation till 20, October, 2018. (Mixed Electoral Voting System or any other can be a good
replacement for the current one.)
ETWA urges the National Unity Government to allocate at least (10 -15%) seats in parliament to political parties and
reach a political consensus with parties for the conduct of fair and transparent polls as a part of giving good start to
electoral reform.
We also express support for the desire of political parties for their active presence and monitoring of the performance of
IEC. In this case, we propose creation of a monitoring group, comprising political parties and election observation
institutions to attending IEC sessions for monitoring its activities and provide plans and recommendations in this regard
through the entire electoral process.
To Political Parties:
ETWA calls on political parties to expand their activities to turn into inclusive national institutions, withdraw from
religious, linguistic and ethnic formations, monitor government functions and stay as partners to government by providing
proposals in social, economic and political affairs.
From now on, political parties should not only depend their activities on the operation process of elections, but should
continuously prolong its activities because continued activities of political parties are constructive support to civil society
of Afghanistan as well.
Unfortunately, political parties and other similar institutions as key partners in the elections have not monitored any
programs of IEC such as registration of voters and candidates during elections. We hope that political parties under
accurate planning monitor all phases of the election process by using its supporters and financial resources in attempt to
ensure transparency of election and share the shortcomings with IEC.
Toward fundamental reforms in Afghanistan electoral system

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