Weekly Monitoring Report of Wolesi Jirga 23rd – 28th June, 2018

July 1, 2018

Being exci tement over becoming a lawmaker

Nowadays the electoral market is driving high, especially the enthusiasm of representation in parliament among thousands of people registered by IEC. This excitement unlike everyone’s habit and invasion of entry to the parliament is not only worthless, but it is a kind of complication of political backwardness emanated from collective frustration that affected the community.
It means at a time when the gap between the public and government getting wider as a result of the corruption, poverty, violence and insurgency, where people deem politicians as cruel individuals, with authorities and their spokespersons turned into bitter jokes of citizens and receives their execration. It means, due to situation of life affected by poverty and corruption, violence and insecurity, the space between government and people increases day by day and the people recognize the
government and the politicians not as servants for people but as oppressive creatures; the spokesmen are the bitter subject of jeer among the people and receive thousands of insults and malison daily. Distrust increased increasingly from the government officials and there is pessimism from all them, this emotional trend cannot be a sign of political concern and the growth of the participatory political culture of the people of this era; but it is a sign of what goes on under the skin of this society, and that is a general hopelessness. The disappointment that policy-making has come to do and provided thinking so that desperate
people in this series look at hope only in politics, and so everyone queues to enter the parliament. The fact is that the hopes and delights that have sprouted with the defeat of the Taliban and the creation of a new government in the presence of the tired people of the war on this land, and the colorful dreams and the green life, Afghanistan free of the war and poverty that world has come to the to rescue it; after one and half a decade, it has become a disappointment. The state-building and anti-terrorism program of the United States has completely failed, and instead, the defeat of Taliban and the terrorists, they have recovered and have almost half of the territory of Afghanistan. Insecurity is raging and there is no day not to be witness of the killing innocents and getting involved in this country. The government has been incapacitated and ineffective in law enforcement, providing services to citizens, and the corruption has become a famous throughout the world; and each year comes in the top five of the world’s most fragile and deadly governments. The political situation in the country becomes more intense every day, and the struggle and power struggle of the ruling elite has pushed the government into a deadlock.
Poverty, recession and idleness….

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