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May 31, 2017

As Afghanistan has moved forward on the uneven road of democratization, Afghan civil society has developed into a force for progressive political change, so, the Election and Transparency Watch Organization of Afghanistan (ETWA) has been established as an impartial non-profit organization in May 2014 to:

• Monitor elections to ensure they are free and fair;
• Monitor Parliament for being open and accountable to citizens
• Support responsive electoral reforms in the country;
• Promote public participation in democratic processes;
• Advance the consolidation of public trust in democracy and elections
• Monitor the government accountability through pursuing anti-corruption efforts
ETWA’s vision is a democratic, well-governed and peaceful society, where all citizens have equal rights and opportunities for participation. Our mission is to ensure that all democratic processes are implemented transparently through networking, citizen Active participation and good governance. All of ETWA’s work is guided by the values of professionalism, commitment, networking/consultation, national inclusiveness, impartiality and volunteerism.
As a domestic civil society entity, ETWA’s focus is on the long-term based programs to ensure sustainability and support capacity building goals. ETWA’s mandate, like democratization itself, requires more than elections, and its work do not stop when the final election results are announced.
ETWA developed a professional team over years dedicated to democracy and furthering the organizational goals, vision and mission with extensive expertise in the areas of elections observation & electoral reforms, parliamentary monitoring, researches, surveys, advocacy, lobbying and media related activities.

ETWA has prepared several analytical papers and briefs on elections e.g. analytical report on lessons learned from first round of 2014 elections and analytical briefs on electoral reforms packages prepared by special electoral reform commission and the cabinet. Since its establishment, ETWA has remained as one of the key Parliamentary monitoring entity among Afghan civil Society organizations as well as an active domestic elections observer organization with a considerable presence to have observed run-off in presidential elections of 2014.

ETWA has actively engaged in monitoring of the Lower House plenary and committee sessions producing weekly and monthly analytical reports to be shared with public, parliament, government agencies and donors. ETWA already inked a MoU with the parliament for the monitoring purpose. It has successfully implemented two projects with high impacts and extensive advocacy components: Strengthening Youth Political and Electoral Participation project funded by Democracy International that covered 6 regional zones including 14 remote districts, and Strengthening Afghan Women Political Rights in Election funded by Canadian Embassy in 5 provinces. ETWA is currently implementing two projects: “Monitoring and Advocacy on Elected Government Representatives Pledges” funded by Democracy International in Kabul, Laghaman, Parwan and Nangarhar, and the program of enhancing women status at the local level by creating better links to female parliamentarians in 15 provinces funded by the British Embassy.

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ETWA Organization Profile



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